IntelliGuard® Pharmacy

IntelliGuard® Pharmacy:

Automate, validate and enable medication replenishment processes. Proven to reduce staff processing time and errors. IntelliGuard does not require item-level scanning or manual counting. Scan more than 150 medications in a matter of seconds to ensure inventories are complete and accurate. Offers a variety of workstation form factors, each with an integrated touch screen user interface and intelligent ergonomic design to optimize staff use and comfort and fit all pharmacy sizes.

Secure Access. Simple Workflow. Actionable Data

  • Standardize and Manage processes through a Centralized Pharmacy or in my IDN
  • Stay on top of inventory to better manage Drugs Shortages & Recalls
  • Automate manual Workflows, Data Collection and Reporting for better Visibility and Control
  • Streamline manual processes so Staff can work at the top of their license
  • Find recalled products in minutes to better manage Patient Safety and Expiry
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