Waste Witness


Diversion of controlled substances in health-systems is common, but rarely discussed openly. IntelliGuard is tackling these tough conversations while launching new technology solutions providers need to help process compliance, strengthen controls and proactively mitigate diversion.


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Key Benefits

Diversion Mitigation

RFID technology enables organization oversight and controlled substance accountability to more effectively review process compliance and effectiveness, strengthen controls, and proactively prevent diversion.

Controlled Substance Automation and Tracking

Waste witness module automates controlled substance administration, waste disposal and witness events in the operating room or other procedural areas as well as alerts pharmacy of any discrepencies.

Simple Workflows

A technology solution designed with anesthesia providers and nurses in mind. And because using RFID is so simple – there are no workarounds giving Pharmacy the most accurate, reliable and real-time data available in healthcare.

Regulatory Compliance

Waste Witness, combined with the Anesthesia Station, enables real-time controlled substance management and an accurate automated audit trail. The module supports federal and state laws and regulations, as well as, compliance standards such as Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Optional EHR Integration. RFID automatically compares medications dispensed from the IntelliGuard® Anesthesia station versus those documented as administered and/or wasted in the EHR, giving providers and Pharmacy closed loop accountability of controlled substances.

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