Intelligent Inventory Solutions Through Customized RFID Expertise

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

We are a technology company using RFID, cloud-based software and data analytics to track and trace critical items in a complex supply chain environment.

Today we track and trace medications, controlled substances and other high value items throughout our customers enterprise. The ability to track and trace individual small vials and syringes of medications in very confined spaces represents some of the most challenging aspects of RFID inventory systems. This expertise allows us to expand into other business segments where accurate track and trace of items is critical to your business. If you have tracking issues, use manual inventory counting and/ or outdated bar code solutions you are an excellent candidate to use our RFID inventory management solutions.

Whether your items are in a warehouse, distribution center, fulfillment center or in a retail point of sale cabinet, RFID technology can bring you a level of efficiency and effectiveness that no other solution can provide.

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RFID is the future:

  • Already proven in industries such as retail automotive and manufacturing with remarkable results:
  • 20% improvement in managing inventory levels
  • 96% improvement in labor productivity
  • 98% improvement in inventory accuracy
  • Shrinkage/Diversion and write-offs improved by 70%
  • Elimination of 15,000 annual hours recording inventory
  • Increased workflow efficiency 52% with a less than 1% error rate
  • 35 Billion RFID tags will be sold in 2018

    Translating Our Capabilities to Your Industry

    Understanding your use case:

    • What outcomes you are trying to achieve
    • What technology is best suited to your environment
    • Specialist in optimizing workflows based on humans' factors

    Software integration:

    • What business intelligence do you want to see
    • What you want your customers to see
    • What CRM system you use
    • What you need for business analytics

    Proof of Concept

    • Identify requirements that represents a full-scale solution

    To us, everything is an item that can be tracked with RFID solutions.

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