Managing Controlled Substances

How do I do a better job of managing controlled substances in the OR and procedural areas and mitigate the risk of diversion?

Management of Controlled Substances is challenging in today’s dynamic environment. While there are reasonable controls for your pharmacy the problem expands when this class of drugs leave the pharmacy and go to the OR, procedural areas and even outside the building to free standing surgery centers. There are so many points for potential diversion that it becomes impossible to manage and control. In addition, the current bar code options available for the OR and procedural areas simply don’t work. These systems are so disruptive to the workflow that Anesthesiologist refuse to use them or when forced to will find creative work arounds that defeats the original purpose.

Our RFID solution is the best technology in the market to manage controlled substances and mitigate the chance for diversion. Only RFID can provide track and trace along with a chain of custody to provide indisputable accountability. Placing our Procedural Stations in the areas where these medications are dispensed and used will change the way you manage controlled substance while significantly improving the workflow and inventory and tray management. This system works because it mirrors the desired Anesthesia workflow. In fact, it makes it easier for Anesthesia to manage their drugs and patients.

Using our Insights analytics platform will provide never seen before data to manage workflows, replenishment, and even compare drug usages by Anesthesiologist and cases. Reliable data you can trust to make sound business decisions and gain trace, track and accountability never before experienced in the OR/procedural areas.

This is why we say RFID is the future of pharmacy.

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