Pharmacy Distribution

As an IDN, why can’t I centralize and automate my Pharmacy Distribution?

One of the many values of an IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) is the synergy and efficiencies that can be leveraged over multiple facilities. No group has done a better job of this than the supply/materials management teams. Standardizing brings volume savings as well as supply chain optimization as restocking deliveries are made from a central warehouse to the individual facilities. However, very few pharmacies have taken advantage of all the opportunities a centralized model can provide choosing instead to run each pharmacy independent from the IDN.

Why not manage the drug supply chain from a centralized location? Imagine the efficiencies that could be gained if you produced all of your Kits and Trays from a central location or managed code cart replenishment from a central location? How do you track thousands of items and get them to the right place at the right time? The answer is our RFID Distribution solution.

Tag every item in a central location. Read the item when it leaves the distribution center. Read the item when it arrives. Read the item when it is dispensed. Manage thousands of items in seconds in real time. Add our Insights platform and bring true automation to the entire supply chain including automated replenishment and automated manufactures reorders. This is the future of pharmacy medication management and this is why we say RFID is the future of Pharmacy.

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