Our Partners

We work with leading technology, service, and distribution partners to ensure the delivery of efficient, secure, and reliable solutions, and to make a wide range of purchasing options available to meet your budget and preferred method of operation.

Fresenius Kabi

IntelliGuard collaborated with Fresenius Kabi, a leading producer of generic injectable medications which feature a Smart Label embedded with RFID technology. They are building an extensive portfolio of smart labeled medications that integrate with IntelliGuard’s enterprise of products. The goal was to support a safe, more efficient medication inventory process with ready-to-read data straight from the manufacturer. +RFID supports that effort by eliminating tedious manual tagging and data entry. RFID in healthcare may help improve patient safety by reducing medication errors.

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IntelliGuard is a contracted supplier of Vizient, the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. The contract arrangement makes the IntelliGuard® Pharmacy, as part of the Intelliguard Enterprise Solutions, available at enhanced pricing and terms to Vizient’s membership, which includes integrated health delivery networks, academic medical centers, pediatric hospitals, community hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers.

Visit their website at Vizientinc.com

Cardinal Health

IntelliGuard is an Approved Supplier authorized to provide the IntelliGuard® Pharmacy RFID Smart Tags to Cardinal Health. Hospital pharmacies may purchase IntelliGuard® RFID Smart Tags through their standard product/ordering processes with Cardinal Health.

Visit their website at Cardinal.com


IntelliGuard is an Approved Supplier authorized to provide The IntelliGuard® Pharmacy RFID Smart Tags to McKesson Corporation. Hospital pharmacies may purchase IntelliGuard® RFID Smart Tags through their standard product/ordering processes with McKesson.

Visit their website at McKesson.com

Prodigy Health

We are excited to partner with Prodigy Health. The Prodigy Connect Real Time RFID Inventory Solution combines the Prodigy Vision Real Time Data Platform with the best in class IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinet.

In a simple to navigate cloud-based solution, Prodigy Vision allows hospitals and hospital groups to manage inventory par levels and set up automated restocking on any product. Every time the IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinet door is opened and closed inventory automatically updates, and product restocks are sent for the dispensed product. Prodigy is the only RFID consignment provider that allows hospital groups to utilize both RFID enabled consignment solutions with non-RFID consignment locations and the ability to transfer product between them without being invoiced. IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions™ provides the only Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) automated inventory management solution that enables enterprise-wide chain of custody across the healthcare continuum.

Frontline Medical Services

Frontline Medical Services is a CVE certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). A national wholesale distributor of Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Frontline provides high-quality prosthetic, orthotic, orthopedic, sports medicine, laboratory, hospital and surgical products to the Veterans Administration and active duty military.

Visit their website at frontlinemedicalmil.com


IntelliGuard partners with QIAGEN to support the QIAGEN QIAstock Inventory Program. QIAGEN manufactures more than 500 core products and serves more than 500,000 customers around the globe with solutions for molecular testing. Their Sample to Insight® solutions serve four major customer categories. The QIAstock Inventory Program, powered by IntelliGuard, will initially focus on Academia and Pharma. The QIAstock Inventory Program provides an efficient and economical way to make QIAGEN products available at customer sites when and where researchers need them. QIAGEN representatives work with customers to decide which QIAGEN products will be available in each QIAstock location. These products are then provided by QIAGEN as an onsite supply stored in IntelliGuard® RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets™ for immediate access and use by researchers.

The Axia Institute

Located in Midland, The Axia Institute®, is a premier research and education center dedicated to developing effective and sustainable solutions to improve public and private value chains. Established by Michigan State University in 2013, the Axia Institute® is part of MSU’s Office of Research and Innovation and partners with industry to solve grand challenges and conduct impartial, cross-disciplinary research in areas of value chain optimization, data analytics, engineering, smart packaging, anti-counterfeiting, and water and food safety. The Institute was founded by leaders in value chain creation and development at MSU, including the Eli Broad College of Business, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Engineering, College of Social Science, and School of Packaging.

Visit their website at Axia.msu.edu


Healthmark has been manufacturing and distributing medical and pharmacy products in the Canadian healthcare market for over two decades. In this time, they have built their reputation on a comprehensive line of products. Healthmark is the exclusive distributor of IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions for the Canadian market.

Visit their website at Healthmark.ca


RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item

RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology in a way similar to other wireless technology organizations including NFC Forum, Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. RAIN uses the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-63. The word RAIN—an acronym derived from Radio Frequency Identification—is intended as a nod to the link between UHF RFID and the cloud, where RFID-based data can be stored, managed and shared via the Internet. A RAIN RFID solution uses a reader to read and write a tagged item, manage the data and tax action.

Healthcare Benefits of RAIN

RAIN RFID technology provides an automated and reliable data capture system that helps enable hundreds of healthcare applications to improve patient safety, manage surgical instruments, support staff and patient workflow, automate replenishment and billing, authenticate quality and sterilization processes, manage medical equipment location and automate supply chain management.

IntelliGuard® is a charter member of RAIN RFID global alliance along with Google, Intel, Amazon and Impinj, promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology.

Visit their website at rainrfid.org


IntelliGuard® is proud to partner with Impinj as a key technology provider for our Intelligent Inventory Solutions™. Impinj has been recognized as a recipient of the 2017 North American Award for Customer Value Leadership by Frost & Sullivan after in-depth analysis of the company's RAIN RFID healthcare solutions. Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that uniquely enhances its customer value beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved return on investment, customer retention, and ultimately customer base expansion. The award highlights the value that the Impinj platform provides to healthcare organizations and the partners that support them as they seek to solve business efficiency needs and to deliver new and enhanced patient experiences. www.impinj.com

Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. The Impinj Platform connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, drivers’ licenses, food and luggage to applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication, delivering real-time information to businesses about items they create, manage, transport and sell. The Impinj Platform wirelessly delivers information about these items’ unique identity, location and authenticity, or Item Intelligence™, to the digital world, which Impinj believes is the essence of the Internet of Things.


Established in 2009, eAgile sets the industry standard in IoT and RFID solutions and is a world-class provider and innovator of security print, brand protection and intelligent packaging solutions.

FFF Enterprises

FFF’s VERIFIED Inventory Program™ utilizes IntelliGuard® Controlled Temperature Cabinets to monitor temperature and provide real-time inventory visibility to critical-care products.


Codonics® Safe Label System® (SLS) improves the anesthesia workflow and helps eliminate vial and ampoule swaps, mislabeling, and syringe swaps -- the operating room’s three most common medication errors. SLS integrates with the IntelliGuard Anesthesia station to improve safety during medication preparation. Once a medication is removed from the anesthesia station, the clinician quickly scans the barcode on SLS. Visual and audible identification of the drug acts as a second set of eyes providing immediate confirmation. SLS then prints a fully complaint TJC label that’s ready to apply to the syringe. Combining the workflow enhancements of RFID technology with confirmation that the intended drug was selected then providing the label helps remove the element of human error to improve patient safety and inventory control.


Headquartered in Asheville, NC, Capstone Health Alliance is a growing regional healthcare purchasing organization with hundreds of hospitals and thousands of other healthcare providers and non-health members in 50 states. We deliver real savings and provide actionable data that enables better supply chain decisions. With a focus on helping our membership reduce costs, improve quality, and share best practices, Capstone members enjoy consistent price parity regardless of size or facility type. Our members harness the power of member collaboration to share best practices and improve clinical performance.

To learn more about Capstone: capstonehealthalliance.com.

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