Manual Workflows, Data Collection and Reporting

Why in a world of automation are we stuck with Manual Workflows, Data Collection and Reporting? When am I going to have true visibility and control of my inventory?

When asking Pharmacy thought leaders what are the most important things that come to mind, the answer is two simple words. Visibility and Control. Simple words with complex meanings.

Ask yourself, how much visibility do I have across my health system?

How much am I in control of my inventory?

Go further and ask how good is my visibility and control of controlled substances?

Is there a central database that you can go to and see everything you need to see?

A single source of truth?

If you are like 98% of the hospital systems today the answer is No.

The reason is you use different tracking systems that don’t integrate or talk to each other. In addition, you are relying on manual inventory counts or inaccurate bar code data. Too often you live with this because you didn’t know there is a simple solution. Automation using RFID track and trace gives you unprecedented visibility and control. RFID not only provides these capabilities at the item level but is rich in data that when combined with our Insights platform provides a level of business intelligence not currently available to hospital pharmacist. If you are still living in a world of manual workflows contact us and join the automation revolution and learn why we say RFID is the future of Pharmacy.