Enterprise Solutions Deliver Control and Visibility

Only IntelliGuard precisely tracks and traces medication throughout the entire drug supply lifecycle, from distribution and administration to replenishment. This allows hospitals to optimize workflows in order to minimize risk and reduce annual drug budgets.

Our cloud-based software and enterprise-wide analytics platform enables your organization to access your drug supply chain data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With full supply chain visibility and control, doctors can work at the top of their license, and hospitals can mitigate diversion and reduce annual drug budgets.

IntelliGuard® solutions for critical inventory enable your organization to:

  • Gain remote visibility and control over distributed inventory
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
  • Provide secure end-user access to critical inventory
  • Reduce human errors and improve quality and safety
  • Identify and mitigate diversion events (i.e. opioid diversion) before they become reportable, disruptive and problematic
  • Manage shortages, reduce expiry waste and track recalls


  • Identify usage patterns that may indicate diversion risk
  • Prevent stock-outs and facilitate auto replenishment
  • Maintain item-level cold chain pedigree
  • Enable traceability and meet compliance requirements
  • Obtain actionable data to enable inventory right-sizing

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