Enterprise Solutions Deliver Control and Visibility

IntelliGuard is a leading innovator of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions that offer automation to enable effective and efficient management of pharmaceutical inventory and critical care supplies in healthcare.

IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions™ provide unparalleled automation, real-time visibility, data and intelligence that touch nearly every part of the supply chain distribution process – from hospital and health system pharmacies to manufacturer and distributor supply chains. We develop and patent technology and processes with an unwavering commitment to accuracy to eliminate human error, improve cost control, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. IntelliGuard® Solutions include the following modular, scalable inventory management systems:

IntelliGuard® Solutions for critical inventory are key to:

  • Gain remote visibility and control to distributed inventory
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
  • Provide secure end-user access to critical inventory
  • Reduce human errors and improve quality and safety
  • Receive usage data and PAR-level alerts
  • Manage shortages, reduce expiry waste and track recalls


  • Identify usage patterns that may indicate diversion risk
  • Prevent stock-outs and facilitate auto replenishment
  • Maintain item-level cold chain pedigree
  • Enable traceability and meet compliance requirements
  • Obtain actionable data to enable inventory right-sizing