I’m being asked to do more, with less. When am I going to spend less time on inventory management and more time working at the top of my license?

78% of Hospitals systems are STILL manually counting inventory in an effort to manage their drug supply chain. Other hospitals are using so called more advanced systems consisting of Bar Code Management. Bar code is an old technology that hasn’t shown much improvement in labor savings over the last 40 years. It’s well-known that clinicians have perfected work arounds to minimize their workflow, only to increase Pharmacy’s workload. Accuracy is always in question when working with a bar code system because of these common workarounds. In the world of business both of these approaches are outdated.

Manual counting means manual paperwork for tracking and tracing individual items. Given your need to track thousands of items every day, it’s no wonder your staff is overworked. Using a Bar Code System isn’t much better. You still rely on the bar code reading one item at a time. Very labor intensive. Using RFID labels on each item allows you to track and trace hundreds of items in seconds. Take for example tray management. Studies have shown using our RFID system takes tray preparation time from 20-30 minutes per tray down to less than 5 minutes per tray. Take that time savings times the number of trays you produce every day, every month, every year and you begin to see the significant positive impact RFID can have on staff.

For pharmacy management or informatics individuals, the efficiencies you get from RFID will save significant time and workload. Because RFID is so accurate you can get real-time and near real-time reporting down to the item level. Using our Insights platform, you can turn this item level track and trace data into business-level intelligence. Add our predictive analytics to the data and you begin to see data trends that can suggest insightful intelligent business decisions. This is what true automation can offer. Replace manual task with automation to free up you and your highly skilled staff to work at the top of their license.

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