Patient Safety

With Patient Safety such a priority, why is managing Recall and Expired Medications manually intensive, time consuming, and so complex.

Nothing is more important than patient safety. A lot of attention is given to ensure patients are getting the right medications at the right time with the right dose. Pharmacy is key to this process. Yet managing expired medications and manufactures recalls brings a sense of frustration. The criticality is high, yet the means for tracking and tracing these individual items is manually intensive and complex. Managing thousands of individual medications throughout the hospital system and not knowing when a medication is going to expire or, knowing that a medication is going to expire but not knowing where it is located makes for a difficult environment. Recalls can even be more frustrating to manage. Just answering the question WHERE IS IT? can be difficult. Sending teams of people all over the hospital looking for recalled items is senseless. Our RFID system automatically tracks expiration and location and can provide you reports and notifications when drugs are about to expire and where they are located. You can select how many days warning you want. Using Insights, we can not only notify you what item is close to expiring and where it is, we can also make recommendations on moving the inventory to a higher usage location for that item reducing the chance of having to waste that item. Recalls have never been easier to manage. Once notification occurs simply go to our portal to find how many items fall under the recall notification and where they are located. No more sending teams of people running all over the place to find things. Managing expired and recalled medications does not have to manually intensive, time consuming and complex.

This is yet another reason why we believe RFID is the future of pharmacy.

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