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Storage and Security of Medications White Paper Joint Commission Medication Management Standards Compliance and RFID

IntelliGuard® RFID technology allows hospitals to take action on Joint Commission compliance & minimize medication management risks.

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Inventory Management White Paper A New Era of Pharmaceutical inventory Management

Read on to see how IntelliGuard is partnering with vital pharmaceutical distributors to introduce a unique technology into the medication supply chain. This ensures hospitals can carry all the high-value and specialty medications their patients need and only pay for what they use.

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GS1 Case Study - First pharmaceutical company to provide healthcare providers with RFID embedded smart labels at the dosage level. IntelliGuard is the first RFID company whose hardware and software technology can read these medications.

Read how Fresenius Kabi, a global healthcare company, launched an ambitious program to support healthcare providers and become the first in its industry to tag vials of medication using an Electronic Product Code-enabled radio frequency identification (EPC/RFID) tagging system based on GS1 Standards.

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IntelliGuard Case Study - Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology To Optimize An IDN's 340B Drug Pricing Program

How Emanate Health employed IntelliGuard Solutions to improve patient safety, optimize staff efficiency, and recoup lost charges in the operating room.

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IntelliGuard Case Study - Using Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) To Better Manage Kits, Trays and Crash Carts.

How Inova Health System IDN uses IntelliGuard® Pharmacy solution to improve patient safety by eliminating error-prone manual restocking while improving operational efficiency.

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Rady Children’s - Tracking Anesthetic Drugs via RFID

An automated solution that could prevent errors, improve inventory management and optimize labor use. Also ensuring that situations never arose in which medications were unavailable when required, and that drugs nearing their expiration dates could easily be identified and removed.

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Downloadable White Paper - Inventory Management White Paper – A New Era of Pharmaceutical Inventory Management

Protected: Read on to see how IntelliGuard is partnering with vital pharmaceutical distributors to introduce a unique technology into the medication supply chain. This ensures hospitals can carry all the high-value and specialty medications their patients need and only pay for what they use.

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North York

Reduced processing time from 15 minutes to 2-3 minutes per replenishment event

  • Achieved 100% processing accuracy
It’s simplified drug recalls. Any time we get a recall we just go into the system to see where those medications are. And eased drug shortages. We are able to actually move the medications around to where they are all used up so we don’t actually have very much wastage and therefore when the drug shortages come, we haven’t run out, we don’t have medications that we threw out. Techs now have more time to support pharmacists.

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University of Chicago

“IntelliGuard technology implementation has enabled significant reporting for medication tray utilization in procedural areas”

– Quote from Anthony Scott, Assistant Director of Pharmacy, University of Chicago Medicine

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Baltimore VA Medical Center

Improving Crash Cart Accountability Through the Use of RFID System

“Use of RFID technology made the process for carts and kits more efficient. The time spent on restocking, filling, and processing crash carts also has been reduced by 75%.”

Patricia Lynn Reno RPh, MS
Pharmacy Informatics Program Manager

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Large Southern California Hospital

Results of Implementing with IntelliGuard in the Pharmacy:

  • $960k annual savings in inventory decrease and waste reduction
  • $1.2M positive revenue impact with increase charge capture reconciliation


Reduced daily inventory spend by 17.2%

Reduced daily inventory quantities by 10.6%


We wanted to thank you for sending such a wonderful implementation team!! We are fully live now on the new system! Phase I Anesthesia Tray conversion was a success and on time! Our average currently is 3 min. per tray! Our staff is enjoying this new efficiency!! Thank you again!”

Sutter Modesto

Once that it identifies what tray it is, it knows what the formulary is supposed to be and it matches to everything that’s in the tray. About 30-seconds later on the screen, it will display everything that’s missing – anything that is expiring in the next 90 or 60-days, you replace and replenish those meds – hit rescan an you’re done,”

Pharmacy Operations Manager, Inova Fairfax Medical

Your RFID technology is “Genius

Scientist at global drug company consignment customer

“The turnaround is much quicker now. The results have been very positive. It’s much more efficient and it has allowed pharmacists to focus on other areas, like dispensing new meds orders.”

Quynh Vu, PharmD, BCPS, Inpatient Pharmacy Manager, from Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego

Jill was wonderful: such a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, efficient, organized. There is no other vendor that makes implementation so uneventful.

Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Large New York Hospital

Your Team has done a phenomenal job of Intelliguard installation. We could not have done this by ourselves….. my sincere thanks to you, and your great installation team for an incredible product.”

Alex Melchert, MS, R.Ph. Director of Pharmacy New York Hospital Queens

I have never met such a nice courteous young man in my 40 years of my practice. Chris knows his stuff…. he always had a positive attitude and never gave up dealing with HCA and all their IT requirements. We knew he would get us up and running because of his kind manner and ability to conquer

HCA member hospital staff

Shannon and Ryan were amazing, and I could not believe they were able to tag and code 65+ trays plus get everyone trained in 4 days without a hitch.

Project manager, North Florida hospital

What a great team Courtney and Rik make. They were tireless in their work and accomplished so much in their short time here. Our staff loved dealing with them as they were fun, engaging and competent

Assistant DOP, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Upstate NY

Please let your management team know how good a job Courtney and Rik did here. We were lucky to have two extremely competent and positive people help us in this conversion. They are welcome back anytime

PharmD, and Project Manager, Upstate NY

We were impressed by your team’s work ethic, professionalism and upbeat attitudes.

DOP at Upstate NY Hospital

They were respectful of other activities going on in the pharmacy and he was very appreciative of their professionalism. ….. If they ever need a job, we have a place, right here in Louisiana for them.

Project Lead, Regional hospital in Louisiana

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that the setup crew you sent out was awesome. Rick, Shannon and Janet were knowledgeable friendly and very helpful. I really enjoyed the rapport they had with me as well as all the staff they encountered. They stayed on task and provided valuable insight to me and my staff on how to sustain and improve on our current setup. They were also very thorough and patient with my staff.

Supervisor Inpatient Technician, Washington Hospital

It was a pleasure having Rik at Houston Methodist. His efforts directly correlate to the success of Intelliguard at Houston Methodist, and as you can see with the high amount of people trained, there was a great need

Amanda Beck, PharmD, MS Pharmacy Operations Manager Houston Methodist Hospital

I would like to express my appreciation for the Intelliguard on-site team. The experience with Rik Adams, Shannon Cole-Findley and Janet Warren was exceptional. They were highly professional, efficient, great communicators and an overall pleasure to have with us for the two-week implementation. Thank you for the excellent quality of your team!

Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, LA County

“It was a pleasure having you at Houston Methodist Hospital.”

-Amanda Beck, PharmD, MS Pharmacy Operations Manager

“Our partnership with IntelliGuard has been a success. It allows us to offer our customers a unique and differentiated stocking solution. By working together, we have also been able to develop new solutions and enter new markets. “

-Worldwide Pharmaceutical and Molecular Diagnostics partner

“IntelliGuard RFID technology was introduced here over three years ago. This simple, unique, no label product immediately resolved long standing issues with monitoring medications in code trays not just for expiration dates but also for utilization. Access to these metrics allowed us to remove drugs prior to their expiration date for utilization in our cleanroom and thus reduce IV waste. Routine utilization metrics data allowed my staff to determine which medications are truly needed in a code or rapid response event. As times goes by we are continually finding new uses for this technology. Its current advantages over existing bar code technology for monitoring expiration dates cannot be over emphasized. This tool is a great asset in pharmacy inventory management.”

Alexander F Melchert, MS, R.Ph.

New York – Presbyterian-Queens Director of Pharmacy

“I wanted to send you a brief letter of appreciation regarding Ms. Courtney Janssen who was the Implementation Lead for the Intelliguard Tray Management System at the VA Maryland Health Care System. …I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the system and her professionalism. One of our Pharmacy Technicians, ….Lead for our medication tray management process, had indicated to me her excitement in taking on this new responsibility, but more importantly, how thorough Ms. Janssen was in training her as a super-user and ensuring that she was prepared to manage the process on her own. Over the past three years we have spent over $2 million in capital investments, primarily in pharmacy automation technology, and we have worked with numerous vendor representatives, installers, and technicians. As you might expect, each had varying levels of ability and professionalism. It was a true pleasure for our entire team to work with Ms. Janssen as she was an outstanding representative and ambassador for IntelliGuard.

- PharmD, MBA Chief of Pharmacy Services, Large Government Health Facility in Maryland

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